News about the SFMC


If you are unable to make it to New Orleans for the IC maybe you might
be interested in attending a 7th Brigade Marine Wilderness Challenge
that week/weekend. Marines and non marines are welcome to participate
in the Wilderness Challenges, for detail check out this announcement.

SFMC 7th Brigade Wilderness Challenge 2017 Hosted by the 786th Marine
Strike Group ?The Mavericks? Factions will be a Foam Dart Based War
Game. The Factions of fandom are converging can you survive? Classes
will be taught in Triage Scavenge Salvage and Survival Securing the Site
Cover and Concealment and Camouflage Tactical Command Land navigation
Items included: Team Bandana Team Photo Awarding the SFMC Wilderness
challenge ribbon Due to Permit restrictions Registration will close at
11:59 Pm August 15th When: August 16 ? August 22 Aug 16 at 2 PM to Aug
22 at 5 PM Where: Gods Green Fifteen East Red Hill Road, Conowingo,
Maryland 21918 Cost: $20 per person Registration:
https://www.facebook.com/events/1853288798219529 Contact Person: Lacey
T. Burke laiziaq@gmail.com

— Yours in service
Brigadier General David Sladky OIC 7th BDE SFMC

Of interest to those who have already completed or are planning to
participate in a 2017 SFMC Wilderness Challenge, The decision has been
made on the attachment for the Wilderness Challenge Ribbon 2017. For
those folks who complete this year’s Wilderness Challenge the attachment
that goes on the ribbon is the Anchor SCU 7704000 $2.90 and can be found